Many African American women thrive professionally despite institutional practices designed to maintain the status quo. The navigation skills and strategies they have developed, if shared, can empower girls and young women to stand in the face of structural racism.
— Precious J. Stroud, Founder

What is the BlackFemaleProject?

The BlackFemaleProject is a storytelling effort that prepares girls and young women for the realities of the work world by introducing stories of triumph and perseverance.

We collect and share stories that inspire and transfer knowledge intergenerationally. The reception has been incredible because Black women are ready to speak up and woke employers are ready to listen. #JoinTheConversation.


We must tell our stories.

Conversations about race and gender equity in schools and in the workplace led our founder, Precious J. Stroud, to examine the structures within organizations where she works.

A result of self-examination and learning from others' practices, Stroud realizes that she and her peers use various strategies to thrive despite challenging situations. She set out to collect and publish Black female stories and to share them with the girls and young women who are preparing to enter the professional work world.

Stroud asks, "How will the next generation benefit from our learning? Can they be more strategic, better prepared, and stand confident when faced with opposition?"

We invite you to participate in our transmedia storytelling project.