Member Spotlight: Ayanna Reed

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We at BlackFemaleProject are delighted to have the support of our multifaceted SisterStar Ayanna Reed, pictured here, giving off her signature effervescent vibe. Ayanna is a 5th-generation Bay Area native, mother, wife, friend, mentor, leader, former nomad, and BlackFemaleProject member supporter. As a Human Resource executive, Ayanna is highly in tune with the circumstances Black women often encounter in the workplace. Given her insights into these dynamics, Ayanna was immediately interested when she was first exposed to BlackFemaleProject through a film screening of Invisible Women: Being a Black Woman in Corporate America, a film that shines a light on the experiences of Black females working in the corporate world. “I was struck by the vital narrative that the film screened that evening captured about lack of support for Black women navigating the workforce,” Ayanna says. We can certainly feel Ayanna’s genuine commitment to the work we do; she shows up in many ways for the BlackFemaleProject community!

Ayanna herself experienced the ups and downs that come with being a Black woman in the corporate world. She eventually consciously decided to bring her talent instead to large non-profit organizations working toward positive social change, and considers herself a change agent working to break down barriers in the workplace while also ensuring long-term sustainability of organizations. Ayanna says, “Having the confidence and support to do this work took time, heartache, and mentorship,” which is part of why she invests in the work of BlackFemaleProject--she knows the value of this type of work on a personal level, and believes that BlackFemaleProject could support organizations struggling to establish an equitable workplace environment.

Ayanna brings her great energy to many a BlackFemaleProject event, where she’s been able to connect with new contacts and networking opportunities. In addition to these connections, engagement with BlackFemalProject has also provided Ayanna with the inspiration and motivation she needed to step into a new leadership position. “By watching the great tenacity with which Precious moved forward BlackFemaleProject,” she shares, “I was motivated to relaunch a Bay Area chapter of a national human resource professional organization, National Association of African Americans in Human Resources (NAAAHR).” While the undertaking has been demanding, Ayanna is grateful for the strength she gains from BlackFemaleProject. “I feel that I can always tap into the BlackFemaleProject sisterhood for motivation, problem-solving, and resources.”

We are humbled to be able to co-create a space like this for and with our beloved BlackFemaleProject community.


Versatile human-resources executive with hands-on experience in diverse industries responsible for client groups in multiple countries

Strategic professional skilled in the areas of transforming cultures, building infrastructure, and engaging employees proactively

Change agent who spends time encouraging staff, learning and promoting the increased productivity drivers that results in value-added customer service and revenue generation

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