BlackFemaleProject Update: November 2015

What’s included this month?

  • BlackFemaleProject Voices 
  • Bay Area Writing Workshops
  • East Coast Expansion
  • Upcoming Deadlines
  • Special Thanks
  • Social Media Links

BlackFemaleProject Voices
Second entry of the ‘Voices’ series was posted on the #BlackFemaleProject blog. Hear what Lisa Durden has to say about legacy and wealth building. Learn more about Lisa at

Bay Area Writing Workshops
Thanks to Liz Williams for requesting a #BlackFemaleProject Writer’s Workshop. As a result we have hosted bi-weekly workshops throughout November. Thanks to attendees and participants Che’ Abram, Yvette Maybon, Fern Stroud, Kat Croswell, and Kira Allen.

East Coast Expansion

  • New York City Conversation - November 10
  • New York City - new contributor interviewed
  • Washington D.C. impromptu Conversation - 90-minutes of five insightful women recorded for inclusion in research and ‘Voices’ series
  • Washington D.C. - three new contributor’s interviewed

Deadlines Approaching
The inaugural BlackFemaleProject story collection will be shared next year. The final date to submit and to be interviewed is December 31, 2015.

  • Do you need help organizing your content?
  • Would you like to be interviewed to expedite the writing process?
  •  Are you interested in being interviewed for research purposes only? Call today! (No story submission required.)

Submissions are welcome throughout 2016. See Call for Submissions for more information. 

Special thanks to...
November interviewees and contributors Charmaine Mercer, Diane Carr, Nicole N., and Courtney Garmon

AlleyNYC for hosting our New York City Conversation.

Alicia Meeks for partnership development with AlleyNYC in Midtown Manhattan. AlleyNYC was the perfect location for our NYC Conversation. Thanks to Alicia and all attendees!

Etophia Lane for attending and bringing contacts to the NYC Conversation.

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