Artist Dania Frink Honors Black Career Women With Her Latest Work

A black woman’s place in the workforce is complex. 

Though many sisters have become known for making power moves and contributing to the success of countless organizations, much of that success has been coupled with the experience of sexism and racism in the workplace.  This is the inspiration behind the latest work of artist Dania Frink, titled W2 Warriors, which honors black women who bravely enter such working environments on a daily....

The W-2 Warriors is a manifestation of my participation in the #BlackFemaleProject, a transmedia storytelling project that collects and publishes the experiences of Black professional women, with the goal of sharing them with the girls and young women who are preparing to enter the professional work world. As I began thinking about my professional experiences, I reflected on this notion of the Black working woman being a warrior. When she rises in the morning, she “arms” herself with prayer and meditation, focus, and the support of loved ones as she steps out on the “battlefield” of the work place, no matter her industry, function, or level of experience. This armor serves to protect Black women from the, often daily, onslaughts of sexism, racism, and other barriers in the workplace. Sometimes it is much easier for me to communicate complex topics, visually.  Hence came the inspiration for the W-2 Warriors