We gather to share and to heal. #BlackFemaleProject

On March 25th, in Oakland, CA, the BlackFemaleProject Conversation Series began. Each attendee left uplifted and inspired.

"I have never been so comfortable and felt such openness with a new group of people. I was able to be myself completely." -Attendee

"The small number of women allowed for intimacy and all of our voices were heard. I really appreciated that." -Attendee

Conversation goals and outcomes:


  • Provide BlackFemaleProject contributors with a structured collaboration space.
  • Create a safe space where women can come together to talk about workplace experiences and other topics related to the BlackFemaleProject.

Attendees will:

  • understand the BlackFemaleProject purpose
  • return to their writing with renewed focus and enthusiasm
  • be encouraged and supported by like-minded women

To start a conversation in your city, or to join the next Bay Area series email: info@pjsconsultants.net.


Flickr, photo by Barbara Griffin