Writing Prompts: #BlackFemaleProject

Writing Prompts

  • Provide detailed examples, in narrative form, of how racism and sexism show up in your work life. Please be specific. We need to paint the picture in full color.

  • As you reflect back to high school, your first job, or college experience, can you identify lessons learned about race that prepared you for your professional endeavors?

  • How was your career path influenced and/or impacted by race and gender prejudices, preferences, and stereotypes? If it wasn't, please explain how/why that was the case.

  • What racialized experience(s) (positive or negative) have you had (resolved or unresolved) that changed the way you manage yourself at work? What happened? What did you change and why?

  • What advice and/or lessons learned do you want to share with Black girls and other young women of color?


Flickr, photo by Graham Holliday