#BlackFemaleProject, May Update

Call for Submissions - Deadline fast approaching
Round 1 – May 15

By now you have written your draft and are finalizing it for submission by NEXT Friday, May 15.

Call for Submissions - Stay on target
Round 2 – July 3

By April 15: Create Your Outline (jot down ideas and organize your thoughts)

By May 15: Write Your First Draft

By June 5: Workshop Your Draft (share your draft with friends and get critical feedback)

By July 3: Submit Your Final Version (incorporate feedback, rewrite, check for grammar, and finalize)

Need help with your first draft?
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  • Schedule a two-hour interview
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Upcoming Conversations - Mark Your Calendar!
May 27, June 24 & July 22

  • A safe space where women can talk about workplace experiences and then return to their writing with renewed focus and enthusiasm.
  • Want more info? Write to info@pjsconsultants.net.