BlackFemaleProject - Conversation Series

The BlackFemaleProject monthly Conversation Series began in Oakland, CA in March 2015 and prioritized creating an emotionally safe space where women talk openly about workplace experiences and other topics related to the BlackFemaleProject.

During BlackFemaleProject Conversations women remove their masks and join in authentic dialogue about the frustration, pain, and microaggressions that they face on a daily basis. It is a sacred space where Black women can be vulnerable. These combined factors lead to emotional healing and self-confidence recovery.

"I have never been so comfortable and seen such openness with a newly formed group of people. I was able to be myself completely."
- Attendee of the BlackFemaleProject Conversation Series, April 2015

"The small number of women made the gathering intimate and all of our voices were heard. I really appreciate that!"
- Attendee of the BlackFemaleProject Conversation Series, March 2015

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