MARK YOUR CALENDAR: Debut Solo Art Exhibition Inspired by BlackFemaleProject

Concept Forty-Seven Presents: W-2 WARRIORS, debut solo exhibition by Bay Area artist, Dania W. Frink // Fluffy Jo

"'W-2 Warriors' visually represents the shared experiences of Black women in the workplace. Reflecting on my own career journey (to date), I have learned to protect my spirit while battling against the many forms of discrimination (e.g. sexism, racism, classism) that exist across all sectors and industries. I am not alone. This series explores the "armor" employed by myself and other Black women, while we earn a living.

W-2 Warriors was inspired by my participation in the #BlackFemaleProject; created by Precious J. Stroud. The goal of the #BlackFemaleProject is to harness the collective experiences and wisdom of Black women in the workplace, and share it with the next generation so that they can navigate and combat institutional racism, sexism and discrimination as they embark upon their careers." - Dania W. Frink

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, 9/4 // 6p - 9p
ON VIEW: Month of September 2015 // Open daily 1p - 9p

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