Study Finds Asian Men, Black Women Underrepresented in Magazines

This research helps us understand why negative stereotypes persist and how they impact workplace experiences. #invisibilityisracism #BlackFemaleProject


Although publications in recent years have been paying closer attention to diversity, gender stereotypes related to race are still apparent in the pages of U.S. magazines, according to a recent interdisciplinary study conducted by William & Mary faculty and student researchers.

Led by Professors Joanna Schug and Monika Gosin, the researchers examined photos in six popular, American magazines and found that Asian men and black women were underrepresented, potentially due to stereotypes that associate femininity with Asian people and masculinity with black people.

The study is the first to show that not only are black women rendered “invisible” in media depictions, but Asian men are, too, said Schug, an assistant professor of psychology.

“I think we’re showing evidence of gender-based stereotypes on a cultural level and not just a psychological level,” she said.