‎BlackFemaleProject‬ is Headed to Washington D.C.!

Dupont Circle, Washington D.C.

Dupont Circle, Washington D.C.

Project Contributor Charmaine Mercer will host our first East Coast conversation on August 30, 2015. (Big thanks!!) We will gather 12 women near Dupont Circle in Washington D.C. to introduce the project and hear their workplace stories.

About the #BlackFemaleProject Conversation Series
The #BlackFemaleProject Conversation Series was created because project contributors Dania W. Frink and Fern A Stroud Pmp asked for a space to collaborate and share.

The #BlackFemaleProject is an emotional engagement. It challenges women to identify a time when they experienced racism and/or sexism at work. The Project asks women to articulate what happened to their bodies, minds and spirits during the situation. Then, the Project asks those women to assess the lessons they learned about race and to explain the strategies they implemented as a result. It is a tough process.

Since our first session last March, the Conversation Series has grown into a critical component of the #BlackFemaleProject experience. To stay informed about the Conversations Series and/or to join a future Conversation follow us on Twitter and use #BlackFemaleProject.