BlackFemaleProject Voices: Regina Jackson


Well first, what sparked my interest [in the BlackFemaleProject] is that one of my kids suggested that I might participate. And I am 52 years old now and beginning to, well, actually listening more to the young people that I've helped to mentor now that they're fully their careers.

The other piece is that I've spent a lot of time focused on building work around men and boys of color and more mentoring girls, but not really kind of diving deep into the storytelling and the lessons, and I felt like this would create a construct that would allow me to do that.

As particularly interested in some of the racism, sexism kinds of questions because only in thinking back have I dealt with quite a few of them....I've experienced quite a few of them. And, feel like every time I share a story it is so informative to someone else. Like it's a concept they hadn't considered until they heard the story. Or, it hadn't, you know, had that light bulb moment about "Wow, this happens a lot."

-Regina Jackson