BlackFemaleProject Update: August 2015

Greetings in love,

There is so much to share. It’s been a busy month!

We're still on the East Coast doing research and establishing partnerships for the #BlackFemaleProject. In next month’s update, we’ll share details about what we’ve learned and what's to come.

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What’s included in this month’s update?

  • Writing Deadlines
  • Upcoming Conversation Date - October 3rd
  •  Social Media Campaign Links
  • ‘W-2 Warriors’ Art Exhibition in Oakland, CA - September 4th
  • Magnolia Women's Recovery Program Fundraiser

Writing Deadlines

Round 2
If you planned to submit your #BlackFemaleProject contribution draft in August and you missed the deadline, please forward your entry as soon as possible to Call to make special arrangements 510.423.3404.

Round 3
The submission deadline is September 30th.

  •  Do you need help organizing your content?
  •  Do you plan to share your draft at the next #BlackFemaleProject Conversation to get feedback from the group?
  • Would you like to be interviewed and provided a transcript of the conversation to use to jump start your writing process?
  • Are you interested in being interviewed for research purposes? (No story submission required.)
  • Happy writing!!

Conversation Series
Bay Area
October 3rd

Social Media Campaign
We’re online and looking good!
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Special Event

Join us in supporting Project Contributor Dania W. Frink this Friday.

September 4th
6pm - 9pm
4727 Telegraph Ave.
Oakland, CA

Dania’s debut solo art exhibition, ‘W-2 Warriors,’ launches this Friday. The artwork was inspired by Ms. Frink's participation in the #BlackFemaleProject. Read more here.



Magnolia Women’s Recovery Program Fundraiser

"I believe in Magnolia Women's Recovery Program because it is the only program that engages women around the root causes of their addictions allowing them to break familial cycles so their children can have lives full of security, peace, and comfort. I will never forget one client telling me that upon having her second child she saw him with new eyes. She noticed everything about him. With her first child she could not focus because she was too addicted to being addicted."  -Che Abram, BlackFemaleProject Contributor and daughter of Magnolia’s Founder and Executive Director

Magnolia Women’s Recovery Program is having their largest fundraiser, raffling a 2015 Mercedes CLA. Fore information visit the website, or contact Ms. Abram at

Precious J. Stroud