BlackFemaleProject Update: December 2015

What’s included this month?

  • Letter of Thanks
  • One Year Celebration and Bay Area Fundraiser, January 24th
  • Our First Grant!
  • Call for Submissions Deadline, December 31st
  • Social Media Campaign

Letter of Thanks

Greetings in love and Happy New Year!

The BlackFemaleProject came to life in 2015. Thanks to you, the Project evolved from a concept to a national effort!

Together, we documented lessons learned and words of wisdom. 40 women (new professionals, mid-career practitioners and retirees) told their stories. Along the way, we affirmed one another in sisterhood.

Your enthusiasm kept the Project going.

The commitment of participants, supporters, partners, advisors and friends led to a phenomenal first year. We launched a national Call for Submissions, Conversation Series, participant interviews, expansion to New York City and Washington, D.C., website. social media, and more.

This December, we were invited to join The Pollination Project’s international change-maker community and were awarded a grant to continue the BlackFemaleProject effort.

During 2015, we were supported by partners like, National Black Programming Consortium,National Equity Project, East Oakland Youth Development Center, and Alley NYC.

It can only get better!

Special thanks to every woman who attended an event, wrote a submission or participated in an interview. More thanks to the those who told a friend about the Project, sent positivity toward the Project, provided advisement and/or donated their time and talent to help make our first year a success.

In January, we'll host a celebration, and In the spring, we’ll begin sharing stories from the inaugural collection.

Many thanks, and may your new year be filled with joy and prosperity.

Precious J. Stroud

About the BlackFemaleProject
The goal of the BlackFemaleProject is to help girls and young women prepare to navigate structural racism and sexism in the workplace. To meet the unique career preparation needs of girls and young women of African descent who are living in a post affirmative action era, BlackFemaleProject will provide a multigenerational mentoring experience that is anchored in sharing lessons learned through transmedia storytelling. The finished product(s) will be a set of resources for girls, their families, teachers, and mentors.

One Year Celebration and Bay Area Fundraiser, January 24th

Purchase tickets here
You are invited to join BlackFemaleProject participants and supporters for an evening of reflection and celebration. We will take over Kingston 11 Cuisine in Oakland, CA. Come to enjoy Caribbean food, learn about the BlackFemaleProject, hear from women who have submitted stories for the collection and network with artists, researchers, corporate and nonprofit professionals. Bring your spouse, partner, friends and others!

A Night to Contribute
Support the Conversation Series and other BlackFemaleProject activities by purchasing a ticket. The ticket price includes refreshments and proceeds will benefit the BlackFemaleProject. The sliding scale starts at $25 for students and seniors.

January 24, 2016
Kingston 11 Cuisine
Oakland, CA

We still need sponsors!! 
If you’re interested contact Precious at or 510.827.8897.

Our First Grant!

In December, The Pollination Project invited BlackFemaleProject to join their international grantee community. The grant will be awarded in January and funds will support collateral development and photography for BlackFemaleProject and the Conversation Series.

*Special thanks to Abigail D. who volunteered her time and expertise to edit and review the grant application.

About The Pollination Project
The Pollination Project seeks to unleash GOODNESS and expand COMPASSION all over the world. We make daily seed grants to inspiring social change-makers who are committed to a world that works for all.

Our daily grant making began on January 1, 2013 and since then, we have funded a different project every single day. We also make larger impact grants of up to $5000 to projects that have demonstrated impact and success.
Twitter: @PollinationProj
Instagram: @ThePollinationProject

Call for Submissions Deadline, December 31st

The inaugural BlackFemaleProject story collection will be shared next year. The final date to submit is December 31, 2015.

Year 2 Submissions
Submissions are welcome throughout 2016. 
See Call for Submissions in the New Year for more information.

Social Media Campaign

We’re online and looking good!
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