510Media Keeps Us Looking Good!

The partnership between BlackFemaleProject and Oakland-based brand development firm 510Media is one that has deeper significance than practicality. In addition to being a firm that delivers high-quality products and services, 510Media is Black male-owned and invested in the vision of BlackFemaleProject. Principals Nana Kofi Nti and Mashama Thompson both speak to their feelings of connection to and investment in the Project.

The power of BlackFemaleProject to alleviate feelings of isolation among Black women resonates with Nana. In his words, founder Precious J. Stroud “reduces the mountains down to molehills… and encourages people… to focus in while still being sensitive to the challenges that Black women are dealing with from the combination of racism and sexism.”

While the work itself is also powerful to Mashama, he speaks to his own personal connection to it as well. Precious’ invitation to work together came at a time when Mashama’s wife was advancing in her work in the finance sector. His inexperience in the corporate world left him unaware of the intense dynamics and the subversiveness of microaggressions, which he refers to as “mental warfare on a supreme scale.” He felt it important for him to “challenge [his] own ideas of the world and how [he] operate[s] as a Black man,” in order to “be an asset and step out the way.”

We are grateful to have these talented brothers and their awesome associates on our side!