Invisible Women, The Power of Perception, and Partner Highlight

Momentum for BlackFemaleProject continues to build.

We closed the summer season with a bang getting Mad Love from Oakland Pan African Festival, hosting Successful, Savvy and Strategic YOU! Workshop with Executive Coach Charmaine McClarie, and receiving budgeting and forecasting technical assistance from our funder, The Pollination Project #seedthechange.

Last week, we returned from a week-long trip to the East Coast for research and strategic planning that included a visit to the African American Museum of History and Culture in Washington, D.C., meeting with Leslie Fields-Cruz of the National Black Programming Consortium regarding our residency, and several sessions with project advisors and supporters: Charmaine Mercer, Alicia Meeks, Etopia Lane, Lisa Durden, and Yzette Lanier who offered valuable insight as we prepare to release BlackFemaleProject stories beginning in January 2017.

This fall, BlackFemaleProject steps out in the documentary Invisible Women: Being a Black Woman in Corporate America, speaks truth in our Conversation Series, and shows up for the third and final installment of our 2016 Workshop Series focused on lifestyle with Expert-in-Residence Phyllis Bowie.

Being a Black Woman in Corporate America

A documentary featuring BlackFemaleProject founder Precious J. Stroud

Invisible Women uncovers and addresses issues around racism that profoundly affect black women in the corporate workplace. Invisible women screened on Wednesday, October 12, 2016 from 6 to 9pm at Valley Center for the Performing Arts, and the evening encompassed the film viewing, reception, and panel discussion. Precious J. Stroud and BlackFemaleProject founding member Ché Phillips were panelists for the evening.


Click HERE for a full blog post and event photos.

Communicating Authenticity with Charmaine McClarie
by Dana Fitchett

When Charmaine McClarie and I first shared space at BlackFemaleProject's 2016 Spring Conference, I felt connected to her dynamic energy well before she presented any information or advice to those of us in the audience. Long, lean, self-assured, and undeniably—but effortlessly—glamorous, she was sporting a fresh pixie cut, edgy cat-eye frames, and a fabulously unique structured black top. When her time to share came, I was only more drawn to her.

PART ONE - Charmaine: 'Stepping Out'
PART TWO - Charmaine: 'The Power of Perception'

Read more about Expert-in-Residence Charmaine McClarie HERE.


The partnership between BlackFemaleProject and Oakland-based brand development firm 510Media is one that has deeper significance than practicality; in addition to being a firm that delivers high-quality products and services, 510Media is Black male-owned and invested in the vision of BlackFemaleProject. Principals Nana Kofi Nti and Mashama Thompson both speak to their feelings of connection to and investment in the Project.



October 15 - Bay Area Conversation
November 5 - Lifestyle Workshop with Phyllis Bowie
December 17 - Bay Area Conversation


Mad Love from Pan-African Festivalgoers in Oakland, CA
It was a success! Nearly 60 people signed up for the BlackFemaleProject mailing list, 100 participated in our interactive #WordsofWisdom activity, and many others stopped by, took materials, and shared their stories. READ MORE


The BlackFemaleProject is hosting an open Call for Submissions through December 31, 2016. BlackFemaleProject is a storytelling effort that prepares girls and young women for the realities of the work world by introducing stories of triumph and perseverance. Real women with satisfying careers discuss what it takes to maintain professional leadership. Add your voice to the collection. Sign up today!