BlackFemaleProject: Spring Conference 2016

On Saturday, April 30, BlackFemaleProject hosted its first spring conference. The event was held at the California State University, East Bay, Oakland Conference Center and was attended by returning and new participants.

Special thanks to our venue sponsor Fern A. Stroud! Help out by making a donation today.

A highlight of the conference was the introduction of our 2016 Experts in Residence Baayan Bakari, Charmaine McClarie, and Phyllis Bowie. They gave us a taste of what's to come in 2016 as we focus on building collective and individual awareness about cultural identity, professional leadership, and luxurious lifestyle living on every budget.

About the Series
The event series creates a space where Black women can come together to talk about how they navigate workplace experiences and other topics related to the BlackFemaleProject. Whether you've already submitted a story, or are interested in learning more about the project, this event series is for you!

  • What is different this year? Multiple cohorts will engage to discuss topics related to their submissions and their respective workplace experiences through a series of facilitated Conversations and workshops. Hard costs will be covered through ticket sales.
  • What will be the same? Every other month 2016 story contributors will gather in an intimate setting to discuss their submissions and to support one another through the writing process.
  • Outcome: Attendees will understand how each area (racial identity, leadership, lifestyle) contributes to individual and collective success
  • Type of engagement for April 30: Facilitated conversations, panel discussion and introduction to 2016 Experts in Residence. Only 30 spaces available.
  • Questions for you to consider as you prepare for the session: What about the BlackFemaleProject mission resonates with you? What do you hope to gain from the experience/add to the discussion?
  • Light refreshments will be served.

Special thanks to our venue sponsor and Experts in Residence:
Charmaine McClarie, Expert in Residence, 2016
Baayan Bakari, Expert in Residence, 2016
Phyllis Bowie, Expert in Residence, 2016