Sounds Like a Writer to Me: Interview with Precious J. Stroud

BlackFemaleProject Founder Precious J. Stroud was interviewed by Sexy Grammar in honor of Small Business Week to spread the word about BlackFemaleProject. Big thanks to Kristy Lin Billuni, The Sexy Grammarian!

I’ll bet every Black woman alive has a story to tell about racism or sexism, and Precious J. Stroud has set out to collect the ones about how Black women successfully navigate structural racism and sexism in the workplace.

As founder of the BlackFemaleProject, she supports women to write their own stories, stories that help prepare girls and young women for the realities of the work world by introducing stories of triumph and perseverance. “We are committed to helping each other. If you believe in the mission of preparing girls and young women for the realities of the work world, make a financial contribution or submit a personal story," she says. 

This project excites me because it uses the art of writing and self expression to uplift women in business. In this interview, Precious and I talked about identifying as a writer, writing in bars, and of course, what’s sexy about writing. Read more...