The Pollination Project Budgeting Basics Workshop

BlackFemaleProject was honored to serve as a case study for The Pollination Project (TPP) Budgeting Basics Training on August 19, 2016.

By serving as the case study subject we received coaching from TPP's Executive Director Alissa Hauser on the topic of Sustainability Budgeting.  We learned that making choices based on what we can afford rather than on what we hope to achieve removes the emotion from decision making and sets us up for long term success.

The timing of the coaching aligns perfectly with our annual strategic planning activities. Big thanks to TPP and Ms. Hauser!

MISSION: The Pollination Project seeks to unleash the goodness in every person. through a daily practice of generosity and giving, we make seed grants - 365 days a year - to social change agents who seek to spread compassion in their communities  and in the world for the benefit of all.

There were grantees on the training call from all over the world including India, Kenya, and Israel! All of the participants work to make the world a better place. Learn more about TPP grantees here.