Mad Love from Pan-African Festivalgoers in Oakland, CA

Founder Reflection
It was a success! Nearly 60 people signed up for the BlackFemaleProject mailing list, 100 participated in our interactive #WordsofWisdom activity, and many others stopped by, took materials, and shared their stories.

I was moved.

Our booth hosts talked about their BlackFemaleProject experiences and it helped me understand the impact of our work. I heard "My student was underwhelmed by her college experience, she was struggling to find her place and to maintain her cultural identity. Once she got involved with these sisters [BlackFemaleProject] her confidence was restored and she's been soaring ever since. I had to volunteer today!" Another said, "Participating in the Project changed my life in a profound way. I began to move differently because the support of the group filled the emptiness that I felt at work. Being the only Black female and one of very few Black people in my IT job had taken a toll. The BlackFemaleProject helped shift my perspective and it gave me a community that I didn't know I needed."

As the Project Founder, I work hard to execute our mission. These testimonials awakened me. We set out to help the girls and young women who are coming behind us and end up healing ourselves along the way. #WorkforGood

-Precious J. Stroud, Founder

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Oakland’s 6th annual Pan-African Festival is a free family event carefully curated to cultivate pride, joy, self-determination and sovereignty for diasporic Africans. Through participation in a full day of holistic health workshops, group games, arts, crafts and entertainment, the day intends to celebrate the rich cultures of Africa and it’s global influences.