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EXCERPT from July-August 2016 Newsletter:

BlackFemaleProject has returned from summer break and we’ve hit the ground running! I am Precious Stroud and I founded #BlackFemaleProject as part of my healing process. Read more about that here.

Between me, a handful of INCREDIBLE volunteers, and an AWESOME group of participants and supporters, we have launched this community. In less than two years we’ve grown from an online Call for Submissions into a national effort, collecting stories of triumph and perseverance from professional Black women. And, there is more work to do!

We do not have major funding. We are a grassroots effort that relies on donationsfrom individuals like you. I have made a substantial personal contribution because I believe that if we document and share our stories then the girls coming behind us can be better prepared for what they will face in the work world. Make your contribution here to help continue this work.

Ways to get involved:

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