There is power in being a Black woman.

We can be right up front and lead, and know how to fall back when needed.
We have the ability to be strong and soft at the same time.

By the time we reach working age—and for some of us even earlier—we have to navigate around the status quo to be heard. To be seen. To move up.

It can be frustrating. Lonely. Draining. But when we come together and share our stories, we persevere, heal, and inspire.

BlackFemaleProject helps us move from surviving to
thriving at work.

BlackFemaleProject interrupts the impacts of structural racism through intergenerational sharing and community building. We believe in the power of storytelling to spur healing and growth, preparing Black women for the realities of the workplace.

With your support, we can continue this healing work.

On this Holiday season, our goal is to find 100 BlackFemaleProject supporters to contribute $100. Collectively with $15,000 and #100SistersStrong we will:

  • Launch our new website
  • Produce our podcast series
  • Elevate our sisters' stories to the national stage
  • Continue hosting events to bring Black women together through intergenerational sharing and community building

Be one of the first 100 supporters to step up for our bold, beautiful, brave Black women.


Our stories are waiting to be told. Our voices are waiting to be heard.
Your support will make this happen.

With gratitude,