Everyday Conversations on Race Interview with Precious Stroud - Black Female Project

BlackFemaleProject Founder Interviewed on Race Convo by Simma Lieberman, The Inclusionist

Every day Conversations on Race for Every Day People brings people together across race and culture for open comfortable conversations about race in a casual setting to bring race to the people.

Our mission is to disrupt the way race is talked about, break racial silos and have a global impact on how people see each other.

We have two guests from different backgrounds who share stories, thoughts on race, perspective on current social issues and pop culture happenings. We show that conversations about race are possible, urgent and essential for survival.

Guests are all ages from very young to very old, immigrants, students, formerly incarcerated, executives, hourly employees, social activists, hip-hop artists, athletes and media. It’s serious, funny and insightful.

We have a global mission for these conversations, to eliminate fear of differences, bring people together in the same space, and find surprising connections.

Diversity and inclusion is a mindset and a business strategy that must be integrated into all systems and process and include everyone from the C-suite to front-line employees. Training, ERGS, and events not aligned with the business strategy and your mission and vision, are not sustainable. The goal of our team is to always add value, add more joy in diversity, and move your business to it’s greatest success.

About Simma Lieberman, The Inclusionist
• Winner of Global Diversity Leadership award from World HRD Congress in Mumbai- 2017
• Expert in Inclusive Leadership Development, Cultural Intelligence and Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, and Cultures That Last
• Radio podcast host of “Every Day Conversations on Race for Every Day People”
• Passionate about diversity, inclusion and creating organizations where everyone loves to do their best work
• Lover of music of every genre, food from across the world and constant travel