Women's History Month Conversation with Black Teacher Project

An Observed Conversation: 
Creating Healing Space for Black Female Educators


As we gather hugs and smiles are abundant. I hear, "Hey sis," and "Where do I know you from?" interspersed with "We need this..." There is anticipation and excitement in the air.

Following refreshments and a nudge to silence cell phones guests mingle and engage one another.

I am a non-educator in a room full of educators who are present to celebrate Black women who have dedicated their lives to the teaching profession. These women are experts, healers and teachers.


We take our seats and welcome distinguished panelists into the center of the room to prepare for the conversation the room silences and vibrates with anticipation. Love surrounds us--the unity in the room pulses there is no judgement.

We enter the conversation with ease as stories of perseverance and triumph combat racism, low expectations, and sexism. Through adversity our panelists ascend to positions of leadership where they create paths for the girls and young women who are behind them. We learn that the Black women in our conversation have become educational leaders, school designers, and teachers of teachers. Why? Because every child deserves a Black teacher.

On March 21, at 6:30pm in Oakland, California at the National Equity Project learning center, I am a witness. I am a host. I am healed thanks in part to BlackFemaleProject.

Submitted by: Precious J. Stroud