Dania W. Frink | Author Interview


At the end of the story submission process, we invite each contributor to participate in a retrospective conversation about the impact of engaging with BlackFemaleProject and sharing her story.

Contributor Dania W. Frink reflects on her participation in BlackFemaleProject, in conversation with her mother, Soraya Wright.

SW: What’s changed for you since you started writing and sharing your story?

DF: I’ve certainly had the pleasure of sharing the good gospel about the BlackFemaleProject. I think it’s encouraged me to create an art series behind my work experiences. You know, the W-2 warriors. It’s really informed my work as an artist. A lot of it is centered around Black womanhood, but specifically what we encounter in the workplace, in school, and in formal institutions. So I think, just having more conversations and creating work that’s inspired by these conversations.

SW: What does it mean to thrive professionally?

DF: Oh gosh. To me it’s waking up every day and being excited to work. Whatever it is that you are doing. Of course there are financial goals as rewards, but for me it’s feeling fulfilled in what you are doing professionally. That’s thriving to me.

SW: Can you share a bit about how the writing and sharing has impacted you, positively or otherwise?

DF: I think the process…I say that this is positive. It allowed me to put words, to articulate everything that I had been feeling in my experiences in the workplace. Having a moment to reflect on those experiences or how those experiences shaped me. It also gave me the opportunity to share stories with other women—other Black women who were experiencing some of the same. Some women more my senior being able to talk through what's helped guide and shape their careers and giving me words of wisdom. Sort of that cascading mentoring where I’m able to share that with women who are coming up behind me. I think everything relating to my participation with this project has been positive. Even rehashing some uncomfortable or distressing moments is still positive.

SW: What words of wisdom would you share with your 18-year-old self?

DF: Just do it. Just do it. In a number of scenarios. Don’t always overthink things; bet on yourself. Take more risks. You are worthy. It’s okay to make mistakes; just keep moving forward. All of the things that are so easy for me to tell young women now. That’s it? Alright then, thank you. The interviewer is…

SW: Soraya Wright...

DF: My mother, and I’m Dania Frink. Thank you for letting us tell our story.