Podcast Episode 9: Conversation Across Generations

Four women from the BlackFemaleProject community sit down with inaugural cohort member, Ché Abram, and founder, Precious J. Stroud, to dig into why so many Black women find themselves in roles that are not aligned with their skill levels and discuss the dynamics that result from this trend.

This three-part series, Conversation Across Generations, will focus on strategically responding to oppressive workplace dynamics; moving the needle on workplace inclusion for Black women and all people; and distinguishing between healthy self-care and unhealthy super-heroism. We must heal in order to be whole. Let's get to it!

"We spend more time; we come in early; we stay late; we take on ten times the amount of projects as everyone, to often be told it wasn’t enough when you go to apply for promotions, ask for raises, etc."

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Ché Abram

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