60-Days of Self-Discovery

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We are on a journey during Black History Month and Women’s History Month

Join Us!

Beginning February 1 and ending April 1, 2019 we embark on a 60-day challenge of self-discovery.

On Friday, we kicked off with “this joint right here” and ask you to post a reply or write in your journal about how you keep your vibe right and stay positive at work and beyond.

Format for BlackFemaleProject 60-Days of Self Discovery

Each week we will post a set of questions or exercises for you to ponder. Below we have listed the schedule and instructions for Week 1.

On Saturday afternoons at 1pm Pacific Standard Time (day and time might change if women tell us they want an evening instead) Founder Precious J. Stroud will go live to share her reflections from the week and to introduce the next week’s challenge.

Schedule for BlackFemaleProject 60-Days of Self-Discovery

Week 1: Ways of Experiencing

This week, live your moments. Pay attention to what you experience by way of your senses from day to day or moment to moment.

Notice what you smell, taste, touch, hear, and see.

Here’s a recap from reflections on Week 1 | Saturday February 9th:

Week 2: Ways of Feeling

This week, ask yourself:

  • What makes me laugh?

  • What makes me cry?

  • What makes me dance? 

  • What makes me think?

  • What makes me take action?

Here’s a recap from reflections on Week 2 | Saturday February 16th:

Week 3: Ways of Understanding

This week, consider the following:

  • What makes me afraid? OR
    When am I fearless?

  • What makes me feel uncomfortable? OR
    When am I most comfortable?

  • What makes me feel limited? OR
    What makes me feel limitless?

  • When will I say “yes” to me? OR
    When have I said, “yes” to me?

  • When will I give myself permission to be all of me? OR
    When do I feel most authentically me?

  • Is there one thing that I have the power to change right now that will make more space for me?

Week 4: Ways of Being

This week, notice your interactions and intentions:

  • Do I always like to win?

  • Do I always give in to others?

  • As yourself, “Can I become more healthfully intentional in my interactions?”

Week 5: Ways of Routine

This week, consider the following:

  • Am I existing or living?

  • Am I in rhythm with the earth and universe?

  • What greater power do I trust?

  • How does my trust manifest?

    • Do I workout? Pray? Meditate? Sing? Dance? Do my life's work? Care for children? Emanate joy?

Week 6: Ways of Knowing

At the end of this week, ask yourself:

  • What did my intuition reveal this week?

  • What did I observe intuition teach someone else this week?

  • How can I learn to trust intuition more?

Week 7: Ways of Inspiration

This week, ask yourself:

  • What is my favorite quote, affirmation, or song?

  • What do I feel when I read, hear, or sing it?

  • Who did I inspire with a positive word or gesture this week?

  • Did I have any quotable moments this week? 

Week 8: Ways of Giving Back

This week, take a moment to consider:

  • How do I see myself in those who came before me?

  • How do I see myself in those coming behind me?

  • What do I want people to feel when they leave an interaction with me?

Awareness Week

Congratulations on taking time for YOU! Now, let’s discuss what you’ve discovered about yourself.

Take some time and ask yourself the following 3 questions:

  1. What have I become aware of over the past 8 weeks?

  2. What have I learned?

  3. Moving forward, what will I teach?

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