Communications Strategy 2019-2020


Central to BlackFemaleProject’s communications work is our goal to increase the reach and impact of BlackFemaleProject. In order to do this, we must position ourselves for large financial investments by officially launching and operationalizing the organization as a nonprofit corporation. We will create a strategic plan, activate our governance structure, secure financial support, establish an independent office space, and hire staff rather than relying solely on volunteer support. With this, BlackFemaleProject will be moving toward becoming a fully functional organization that attracts sponsorship and garners publicity and earned media.

We believe that donors, funders, and investors from the philanthropic, corporate, and community service sectors will support the Project and fund program areas with fervor.

We will measure progress with the following indicators: bylaws approved, job descriptions written, annual program calendar developed, website built-out, and schedule of events published. All constituents will support, connect with, or access BlackFemaleProject services with ease. As the Project begins to take in revenue and formalize operational functions, investors will feel satisfaction in the success of the Project and in knowing that they are making a measurable difference supporting Black women to heal emotionally and to become more present professionals, community members, mentors, teachers, mothers, sisters, and friends.

With financial support, we will expand our reach in order to celebrate the diversity of voices within the Black community. We will particularly invite women who have experienced a post-affirmative action career journey and/or who have been impacted by incarceration to share their experiences and stories.


We at BlackFemaleProject believe the purpose of life is to realize our full potential and to make our wildest dreams come true. This belief is at the core of our work. Black women continue to thrive in spite of having long been disproportionately impacted by oppression in the workplace. We celebrate their resilience and acknowledge their sacrifices. BlackFemaleProject is committed to helping Black women heal and helping all of us to learn from these healing journeys. By officially launching BlackFemaleProject as a nonprofit corporation, we will position ourselves to attract the types of investors we need to fund our program areas at a level that allows Black girls and women to thrive.


We must create a society in which all people are positioned to succeed. On the path to realizing this value as a nation, we wrestle to heal from the wounds of our founding story. We have a long way to go before we are a society in which fairness and justice are present and truly realized for all; we are committed to working toward that vision.


Workplace oppression in the United States is a residual reality of our history of race-, class-, and gender-based discrimination. This part of our history, stemming from the roots of a slave labor-based economy, continues to impact social, political, and economic freedoms for all. Some populations experience disproportionate discrimination and poverty while others experience disproportionate privilege and affluence. Black women are disproportionately impacted by workplace oppression; it impacts their earnings, chances of being promoted, ability to provide for their families, access to education, and their overall wellness.

Though there are a number of professional affiliation organizations for Black women, they often separate by class, sector, and other societal differentiators, impeding sisterhood across age, industry, income, and education level. BlackFemaleProject exists to bridge this gap.


By officially launching BlackFemaleProject as a nonprofit corporation, we will position ourselves to attract substantial and sustained funding. With this support we will be able to continue preparing Black girls and young women for the realities of the workplace and providing healing spaces for Black women currently in the workforce.


To support BlackFemaleProject and professional Black women, make a contribution today and share this strategy with a philanthropy or corporate giving professional within your network.

Additional ways that you can take action:

  • Invest in the project with your time or financial support.

  • Sponsor an event or host a workshop at your site.

  • Share our stories and podcast episodes in your company newsletter.

  • Share and comment on our social media posts.

  • Attend an event to learn more.

Leading the way on this work is our distinguished advisory council. Made up of professional Black women from across the country, this group of experts will guide and advise BlackFemaleProject as we move forward.

Leading the way on this work is our distinguished  advisory council .

Leading the way on this work is our distinguished advisory council.