RESOUND: Community Hike


Last Saturday, we enjoyed our first RESOUND community-building hike.

In partnership with Adrian Henderson of Kingston 11 Cuisine, we visited Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve in Oakland, CA.

Here’s what one attendee had to say:

“I’m glad I stayed for the event. It was wonderful getting to know everyone just a bit more, black folks out in nature reconnecting with the land is always a good time, we need to do that more often, bless God for everyone and that watermelon! 

Thank you RESOUND/BlackFemaleProject/Kingston 11, that day felt like community an overused yet underutilized term, we are flourishing together.”  -Attendee

The two-hour steep downhill and paved uphill excursion rewarded us with views of the park, the San Francisco Bay, and creek-beds full of ferns and greenery. The yoga teacher who joined the group offered stretches and breathing exercises at critical points during the hike while others made professional and personal connections along the way. It was a restorative and physically rewarding experience for all. The event culminated with freshly sliced watermelon providing a healthy snack and much needed hydration.