Fall Update, New Member Spotlight, Upcoming Events and more!

Fall Update, New Member Spotlight, Upcoming Events and more!
October/November 2019


Our strategic planning process continues thanks to our Advisory Council. We are pleased to report that collecting and sharing stories will continue to be a priority for the next five years. Before we go deep into organizational and operational design we must examine the why's and how's of our story strategy. These are big questions. Rest assured. The brilliance around our table will lead us confidently to the next level. We will keep you posted!

Communications Strategy
Sponsorship Opportunity
Revisioning the Revolution, The final story of our inaugural collection is a riveting read that will take you from the farmlands of Virginia to movie making in New York City. 


Join Ancestry Black Roots for lunch and a pop-up conversation to discuss the opportunities and impacts of Oakland’s expanding technology sector. As the largest Black technology conference comes to Oakland, we invite you to bring your curiosity and creativity as we discuss how to leverage technology to support community education, health and wellness, and finance. Click HERE to register and to learn more.

Monday, November 4, 2019
Oakland, CA
10am-12pm (2)
12pm-2pm (2)
Email: info@pjsconsultants.net to sign up for a shift.


Who are you?

I identify first as a student and lover of life, and as a creative. I’m a mixed-race black womxn; the daughter of a black American father and white American mother, both with longstanding working class roots in the northeast U.S. I approach life as a radical in the true sense of the word, concerned with getting to the root of things. 

How and why did you connect with BlackFemaleProject?

I first heard about BlackFemaleProject not long after relocating to Oakland from Boston; a friend shared a flyer and I was immediately interested in getting connected, both because the work felt resonant with my professional experience and also because I was new to the Bay and looking to build a community of like-minded black women. 

READ Dana's full member spotlight HERE and explore podcast episodes featuring Dana.



Join us for a night of networking with our 2019 sponsor Black Vines®. Connect, learn, and grow with new and familiar faces.

Wednesday, November 6, 2019 
6:00pm to 9:00pm

Miss Ollie's 
901 Washington Street
Oakland, CA

BlackFemaleProject is the nonprofit of the year for Black Vines®


Mark your calendar for our 5th annual Women's History Month celebration with Black Teacher Project. We will listen as educators share stories about how they navigate the intersectionality of race and gender in the classroom and beyond. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2020
6:30pm to 8:30pm

National Equity Project
Oakland, CA


Saturday and Sunday, October 18-19

When The Boldness Coach, Vaneese Johnson, approached us about partnering to create this experiencean internationally renowned business training complemented with a cultural competent lens⁠—we were thrilled. What we did not know was that the two-day course would be life changing for BlackFemaleProject participants. Women brought their full selves into the conversation and dove deep into topics such as: personal motivation, fear of belonging, and owning your power. Together they dismantled defunct teachings that influence how Black women communicate at work and at home.

How often are you in a work-related training that is tailored for the Black woman’s experience?

Shout out to the members and partners who attended. They were willing to be vulnerable in order to grow and the powerhouse of talent and charisma in the room was electric.

This unique opportunity was hosted by Che Abram at Samuel Merritt University and books, food, and materials were made possible by our sponsors. 

Thank you to our generous sponsors:
National Association of Black Accountants, San Francisco
Mathews Financial Insurance Services
PJS Consultants LLC
Shani Shania & Associates

Saturday, October 26

"For me, this session was the highlight of the conference."
-2019 Net Impact Conference Attendee

BlackFemaleProject hosted a breakout session at the Net Impact Conference in Detroit, MI on Saturday, October 26, 2019. Session attendees heard Black women leaders discuss how they navigate structural racism and sexism in the workplace. The intergenerational conversation flowed from one topic to the next keeping attendees on the edge of their seats. 

Thank you to our phenomenal participants:
Asandi Connor, Director, Detroit Revitalization Fellows
Desire Johnson-Forte, Grantee Liaison, The Pollination Project
Cecily Joseph, Vice President Corporate Responsibility - Retired, Symantec
Jessica Norwood, Founder, The Runway Project

Special thanks to Net Impact team members Alissa Hauser, Cristina Muñoz, and our session volunteers.

About Net Impact
Net Impact convenes students and professionals from around the world to learn from changemakers in fields like corporate sustainability, social entrepreneurship, and impact investing. This year's theme: Widening the Lens.

BlackFemaleProject Sustaining Donor
Alicia Meeks Hunter
New #100SistersStrong Members* and Donors**
Alexis Williams* **
Brittney Waters in honor of Fairly Gomez-Grandmother*
Youth Member Sponsor
Tavita Bass
Click HERE to sponsor a youth member.
Cathy Barragan
Kristen Ramaseur
Sandra Varner


Does our work inspire you? Help you to heal? Help you to feel affirmed? We hope so, as these are the reasons we do this work! And if it does have any or all of these positive impacts, we hope you’ll consider donating to this volunteer-run effort in order to help the stories of our sisters resound.

Become a #100SistersStrong member today. Each year we set a goal to raise $10,000 from our mailing list: 100 donations of $100. Please help us start 2020 strong by making a donation today!

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Growing and Leading in 2019! May 2019 Newsletter

Growing and Leading in 2019!   May 2019 Newsletter

Growing and Leading in 2019! May 2019 Newsletter
Meet our Advisory Council 
Our goal is to increase the reach and impact of BlackFemaleProject. In order to do this, we must position ourselves for large financial investments by officially launching the organization as a fully operational nonprofit corporation.

May 2019 | Meet-Up Magic!

We now host our meet-ups at Friday Nights at the Oakland Museum of California and last night was a huge success! Women were able to drop in and out of the conversation, grab refreshments at the food trucks, listen to great music, connect with one another and connect with the greater community.

Here’s what one guest had to say:

“As we gathered Friday evening amid flavorful scents and rhythmic tracks from the live band, we discussed the importance of asking for help and the prevailing notions of having to be ten times better, being everything for everyone, and not have room to fail. The most thought provoking moment was when one member mentioned that she did not even know HOW to conceptualize and verbalize what help would look like in her daily work. That along with the pressure to remain on task under the white gaze. We agreed that often we are overwhelmed and frustrated with carrying such a set of burdens acknowledging that few safe spaces are available to express these inner thoughts and emotions. The group was thankful for the space created by BlackFemaleProject because it reminds us we are not alone.” -Meet-up Attendee

Register for the June 21st meet-up today!

Special shout out to meet-up hosts, Ché Abram and Jasmine Brown. We appreciate you, your leadership and service!

BlackFemaleProject at Black Vines and Black Joy Parade

We danced all day and shared quotes of affirmation in the Black Vines tent at the 2nd annual Black Joy Parade in Oakland, CA.

Thanks to our sponsor Fern A. Stroud for inviting us into the Black Vines Experience.