May 2019 | Meet-Up Magic!

We now host our meet-ups at Friday Nights at the Oakland Museum of California and last night was a huge success! Women were able to drop in and out of the conversation, grab refreshments at the food trucks, listen to great music, connect with one another and connect with the greater community.

Here’s what one guest had to say:

“As we gathered Friday evening amid flavorful scents and rhythmic tracks from the live band, we discussed the importance of asking for help and the prevailing notions of having to be ten times better, being everything for everyone, and not have room to fail. The most thought provoking moment was when one member mentioned that she did not even know HOW to conceptualize and verbalize what help would look like in her daily work. That along with the pressure to remain on task under the white gaze. We agreed that often we are overwhelmed and frustrated with carrying such a set of burdens acknowledging that few safe spaces are available to express these inner thoughts and emotions. The group was thankful for the space created by BlackFemaleProject because it reminds us we are not alone.” -Meet-up Attendee

Register for the June 21st meet-up today!

Special shout out to meet-up hosts, Ché Abram and Jasmine Brown. We appreciate you, your leadership and service!

4th Annual Conversation with Black Teacher Project

4th Annual Conversation with Black Teacher Project

We had a night of inspiration and encouragement from the women who shared stories at the 4th Annual Conversation with Black Teacher Project. Grateful for our ongoing partnership with the Black Teacher Project, we invite you to enjoy the gallery above. #everychilddeservesablackteacher

BlackFemaleProject at Black Vines and Black Joy Parade

We danced all day and shared quotes of affirmation in the Black Vines tent at the 2nd annual Black Joy Parade in Oakland, CA.

Thanks to our sponsor Fern A. Stroud for inviting us into the Black Vines Experience.