Call for Submissions


  • How do we pass lessons learned to the girls and young women coming behind us?

  • Can they be better prepared to navigate workplace racism and sexism?

  • Will they stand confident when faced with opposition?

Types of Submissions

You may submit a full story or a short vignette.
Final products and educational tools will be published using various interactive media including blog posts, articles, story collections and video. Various types and lengths will enrich the collection.

Writing Prompts for Full Story Submission

  • How has racism and/or sexism shown up in your work life? Tell us a story in narrative form, be specific and provide detailed examples.

  • As you reflect back to high school, your first job, or college experience, can you identify a lesson learned about race that prepared you for your professional endeavors?

  • How was your career path influenced and/or impacted by race and gender practice, preference, and/or prejudice? If it wasn't, please explain how/why that was the case.

  • Have you had a racialized experience(s) (positive or negative, resolved or unresolved) that changed the way you manage yourself at work? What happened? What did you change and why?

  • What advice do you have for Black girls and career-bound young women?

Writing Prompts for Vignette Submission

  • What about your work (career) inspires you?
  • What does it mean to thrive, professionally?
  • What skill or ability has served you well as a professional?
  • As you reflect on your career, what lesson has been the most valuable?
  • What words of wisdom do you have for young women who are beginning their career?

Writing Timeline

  1. Create Your Outline (jot down ideas and organize your thoughts) - One week

  2. Get feedback (talk through your outline with friends, family and BlackFemaleProject coaches) - Two weeks

  3. Write Your First Draft - Four weeks

  4. Workshop Your Draft (share your draft, get feedback) - Two weeks

  5. Incorporate Feedback and Refine (edit, rewrite) - Three weeks

  6. Finalize and submit (grammar, tone) - Two weeks

Conversation Series

To support writers, we host monthly conversations. Learn more and RSVP at Events Page.

Due Dates

Submissions will be accepted quarterly, during 2018. Due dates are: March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31.

Submit Your Story

Please submit your story along with your name, industry, and number of years of service to:

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