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Fall Workshop Series - Crucial Conversations Two-Day Training



BlackFemaleProject received a grant to enhance our fall workshop series. We will host a Crucial Conversations Training on September 22-23, 2018.

The training is very popular with corporations. It was first a book then a training for communicating 'when the stakes are high.'

We will provide 20 attendees classroom-style training with The Boldness Coach Vanesse Johnson.

Description of the training:
Crucial Conversations Training teaches skills for communicating when the stakes are high, opinions vary, and emotions run strong.

  • IMPROVE DIALOGUE & ENGAGEMENT Participants learn the dialogue skills demonstrated by top performers—skills that help you talk with anyone about anything to reach alignment and agreement on important matters.
  • CREATE BEHAVIOR CHANGE These skills turn in to behaviors that improve decision making, commitment to action, productivity, and relationships.
  • BUILD HIGH-PERFORMANCE & CULTURE Consistent behaviors lead to organizations, teams, and individuals developing high-performance cultures based on trust and respect.