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RESOUND: Black Female Voices - A Community Engagement Program for Black Girls

BlackFemaleProject and Kingston 11 present

RESOUND: Black Female Voices


Provide linked mentoring for young women who are traversing through the educational system, while using BlackFemaleProject as an incubator for connecting Black women and other women of color back to young people. In turn, this will create a greater connection with youth and community members. Another objective is to have various women of color sponsor each student with a year membership to BlackFemaleProject. We hope that these objectives will result in a greater connection between the youth and women from the community.


BlackFemaleProject and Kingston 11 will create a supportive and healthy environment for motivational speakers from the community to bring inspirational messages to the young women.

Kingston 11 will provide the venue and food for this luncheon. During the luncheon we will facilitate loving and respectful dialogue to encourage intergenerational learning between the youth and adults.

Supporting Black girls through a transitional summer and fall:

  • 15 : 8th graders going to high school

  • 15 : Seniors in high school going to college

  • 15 : Seniors in college transitioning to career

Target number = 25 women of color from the community


BlackFemaleProject and Kingston 11 will also provide professional development and career opportunities for project participants. Kingston 11 and PJS Consultants will leverage their networks to create career opportunities for these young women; whether it's through internships or summer jobs, we want to give access to various professional opportunities. The target is to create three cohort’s per year with this project.


BlackFemaleProject will facilitate community involvement from their collective member base. Kingston 11 and BlackFemaleProject will work together to host two activities for the youth cohort. The first activity will be a group hike. This experience will help strengthen connections with and among our young people letting them know that we are there to support them through their successes and challenges that may arise.

As a second activity, young people will come out and volunteer to support a BlackFemaleProject event. This will foster support for community events by helping to give back but, more importantly, will provide insights on issues that impact our community and what’s being said and done about them. This will be another avenue for young folks to see and feel what it takes to continue doing community work and to advocate for women of color in the workplace and beyond. The support from the youth will help strengthen the roots that BlackFemaleProject has been planting in Oakland over the past four years.


  • Donate $100 to sponsor a youth membership for one year, click here.

  • Attend the event as a woman of color from the community by sponsoring a youth membership. Sign up HERE.

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