Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BlackFemaleProject?
The BlackFemaleProject is a transmedia storytelling effort that aims to prepare girls and young women for the realities of the work world by introducing stories of triumph and perseverance. Real women with satisfying careers discus what it takes to maintain professional leadership.

What is the spirit of this project?
This project was inspired by love and is grounded in the truth of the African American female experience.

What is the goal of the project? 
The goal of this project is to help girls and young women prepare to navigate structural racism and sexism in school and in the workplace. They will learn by reading and hearing others' stories. The finished product(s) will be a set of resources for girls, their families, teachers, and mentors.

Who is the audience? 
The primary audience is career-bound Black girls and young women between the age of 16 and 24.

What should I write about? 
You should write about a racist and/or sexist experience that you've had at school or in the workplace that you attribute to being Black and female. What did you learn from the experience? How did it shape you? (We want to prepare girls and young women for the situations they'll likely encounter and offer ways to navigate beyond them.)

Who should submit a story? 
Anyone who is inspired to participate and identifies as African American, Black, or a woman of African descent should submit a story.

How long should my story be?
There is no exact number of pages or words required. Short vignettes and longer stories (up to 4,000 words) are welcome.

What tone and type of language should be used?
Use a casual tone and language that is easy to read. We are creating an accessible resource to empower young women.

What voice should I use?
Use an authentic voice in present tense as much as possible. We want your truth on the page.

What if I don't want to use my real name?
You are welcome to use an alias and to remain anonymous.

I'm not a strong writer, but I do have a story to share. Can you help me draft my submission?
Yes. We can interview you and have someone from our team draft your submission. We can edit your draft, if needed. Or, you can work with a friend who can interview you and then draft your submission. The goal is to secure a collection of professional Black female stories; how we get them is secondary.

What is required to participate?
In order to participate, you will need to: submit your story for consideration, be available for an in-person interview in your home town, and sign the agreement to participate. (The agreement will be available at the time of your submission). These conditions are subject to change and the final agreement will reflect any changes.

Will you own the rights to my story?
Although your piece may be included in the published collection, you will retain the right to republish your story as you wish.

Is there compensation if I am selected as a contributor?
No. There is no monetary compensation for your participation. This is a grassroots effort and the finished product is intended to serve as a community resource.

How will you decide which submissions to use?
The decision regarding which submissions to include in the collection will be based on how the stories fit together to create a collective voice that tells the bigger story.

Visit the Call for Submissions page for details.