Many African American women thrive professionally despite institutional practices designed to maintain the status quo. The navigation skills and strategies they have developed, if shared, can empower girls and young women to stand in the face of structural racism.
— Precious J. Stroud, Founder

Preparing the next generation of Black women for the realities of the workplace.

The BlackFemaleProject prepares Black women to navigate the work world. We share lessons learned and words of wisdom from women who thrive in their careers and lives. As a result, in this post-affirmative action era, we interrupt the many impacts of structural racism through intergenerational conversations and community-building.

Using multimedia channels and live events, we bring women together to engage in sisterhood, sharing knowledge about the professional world across generation and industry, in order to inspire, heal, and grow. The reception has been monumental because Black women are ready to share, and considerate employers are ready to listen.

BlackFemaleProject promotes:

  • Embracing your cultural identity

  • Gaining an understanding of systemic inequities and an ability to identify them

  • Affirming yourself and others

BlackFemaleProject asks participants:

  • How will the next generation benefit from what you’ve learned?

  • How can we prepare the girls coming behind us?

  • What do future generations need in order to stand confident when faced with opposition?

BlackFemaleProject continues to:

  • Document women’s stories using various media

  • Bring women together for live events and networking

  • Share our findings

We invite you to join the conversation. Visit our events page today!